ZooCube- - The first true 3D puzzle game

ZooCube is a simple, original puzzle video game designed for the mass market and initially published worldwide by Acclaim Entertainment Inc. on Nintendo Gameboy Advance and Nintendo GameCube formats.  It has also recently been launched on Sony Playstation 2.




ZooCube on Nintendo GameCube

ZooCube on Gameboy Advance

ZooCube on OpenGLes

Furthermore ZooCube is now available on PC, J2ME mobile, Brew mobile, touch-screen coin-op market, set-top box and it is in development for a range of advanced 3D mobile handsets that support OpenGLes.

Below is a promotional video, taken from the GameCube version, so you can see how it plays:


New, innovative - a true 3D puzzle game
What makes it different is that it is a totally new and original 3D game, allowing it to look cool and play great.  It has real pace which makes it exciting compared to other puzzle games - the game plays simple and slow for novices, and fast and frantic for more experienced players.  It offers a truly intensive gameplay experience that will stand the test of time long after interest wanes in less compelling games.  Over 6 years were spent designing it to perfection.

A puzzle game that plays like an arcade game
Traditionally, puzzle games have played slow compared to arcade games, because there is more emphasis on thinking through the strategy before executing each manoeuvre. ZooCube is designed to allow players to play as fast as they want to because the objective is simple and there is a lot of flexibility in how they play it – the result is a puzzle game that plays like an arcade game.

Simple, deep and rich gameplay
ZooCube is a true pickup and play game that requires some dexterity and coordination in 3D space. It starts out nice and simple with the objects coming in from 2 or 3 directions and then ramps up as the player progresses. Slowly as confidence starts to build, a player can rotate in all 6 directions, lock the pieces and learn how to juggle them, and discover the power ups and bombs that are crucial to your survival.

Can you handle the chaos around the ZooCube?

You can find out more about the concept behind ZooCube
here and you can also read an interview about it here.

Nalin Sharma
CEO, PuzzleKings


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