For me this was a dream come true. Following the great reviews we had for ZooCube in the West, it became one of the few Western puzzle games to be launched in Japan in late 2002 on both GBA and GameCube.

Below on the left is shown the packaging for the GBA version and on the right is shown the GameCube packaging



ZooCube GBA Japanese

ZooCube GameCube Japanese

The packaging is extremely cute as Acclaim Japan went for a “Hello Kitty” style cover, probably to entice parents into buying the game for their children. This is perfectly understandable, but ZooCube is not really a kids game, because it requires some understanding and coordination within 3D space.

One thing that cannot be faulted is the Japanese attention to detail - even the brown box that the games arrived in was emblazoned in the Japanese ZooCube logo.  Acclaim Japan also went to great lengths to ensure that our PuzzleKings logo was on the GameCube CD and the GBA cartridge.


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