The following tips relate to the Nintendo Gameboy Advance and Nintendo GameCube versions:

Controls - get used to them slowly and in particular wait until you are really proficient before using the Rotate IN/OUT functionality.  Also just stick to one way for juggling at the beginning using the B button

A = Accelerate - when you are comfortable with this it helps immensely and it means you can take advantage of all the bombs and power ups, which are fully explained in the manual

Smart Bombs - make sure you use them all and know how to use them:  Z on the GameCube, L+R on the GBA.  The worst thing is losing the game and having spare smart bombs left over

Game Speed - remember that you can slow the whole game down from the options screen

Juggling - using the right juggle control, up or down can save time in finding the right piece, so make sure  you master both

Grey Stacks - to help clear one of these down, you can semi-rotate the cube to see if there is a matching shape coming.  If so then you can juggle at the same time to bring that piece to the top.  If not then you can rotate the cube so the grey stack is not in danger

Juggling balls - clear a whole set and you get 5000 bonus points.  If possible, try to collect multiple juggling balls with an incoming shape by spinning the cube before it docks

Balance bonus - the larger the number on each side the greater the points, but the greater the risk.

Clearing the Cube - when you get the superstar goodies remember the rocket ship is worth 2000 points

Secret knockout levels - these appear every other level only if you clear the cube.  However if you used a bomb in the last "wave" it is highly likely that you will be left with an odd shape on the ZooCube.  So if you want to reach a KO level make sure you use the bomb on a shape that has yet to have its matching pair delivered in the current wave

GBA Only - You can change the HUD to option 2 which shows them coming in from the corners as in the GameCube

GBA cheat to access all levels - when in the Main Menu press the following on the D-PAD L,L,R,R,U,D,U,D then L Button, R Button and you will hear a siren which unlocks all levels and speeds

GameCube cheat to access all levels -  “OPENSESAME” in passwords menu

GameCube cheat to access all speeds -  “ENTERPRISE” in passwords menu


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